Our Story

Back in 2014 Madison and Jay both started their first year at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Living just around the corner from each other they had met through mutual friends at a party. A few months after meeting they decided to hang out a few times, and became quite a bit closer. Feelings started to come to fruition, but as starting a serious relationship didn’t seem right at the time, they agreed to go their separate ways. After their college years, Jay moved back to Milton, and Madison back to Toronto. 

A few years passed, some hard but valuable life lessons were learned by both Jay and Madison. As fate had it, Jay and Madison’s paths crossed once more. After reconnecting they decided to go on a date, which took place on December 23rd, 2017. Since the date occurred around Christmas time, Jay and Madison planned to go to the Toronto Christmas Market, followed by dinner later on in the evening. 

After arriving at the Christmas market, and walking through said market in record time (15 minutes to be exact), they realized it was not quite the kind of market they were expecting. Needing something to do for the rest of the day, Jay mentioned that the Toronto Raptors might be playing, and he quickly did a Google search. After confirming they did indeed have a game later that day, they decided to take a walk to the (at the time) Air Canada Centre to see if there were any available tickets left. As luck would have it there were some available tickets, and after spending a bit too much on said tickets, they decided to enjoy a Saturday night of Basketball. 

After a tremendous Raptors win, holding hands in the cold streets of Toronto, and some lovely banter - the foundations of a loving relationship had been built. Who would have thought that a year later Madison and Jay, happy and in love, decided to take the next step in their relationship and move into their first apartment together. Through ups and downs, navigating living together in a new City, changing jobs, and learning how to live in a small space together - they were just as happy to be sharing their life together. 

Fast forward to December 23rd, 2020; Jay proposed. Knowing that Madison, who had been hinting to be ready for this next step for some time now, Jay took her to a local park in Guelph after her shift at work. Making Madison think they were simply there to be taking Christmasy-photos, Jay dropped to one knee. After some tears and hugs, Jay and Madison were ready to start planning a lifetime together. 

Currently, Madison, Jay, and their pup Kobe, are enjoying life together in their house in Guelph - and can’t wait to celebrate their wedding on September 25th, 2022! 

Jay & Madison